What's going on?!


Been in Turkey for the first time! Very much impressed with the place so far.

People have been REALLY friendly and relaxed. The roads have been very quiet and the scenery great. Plenty of history thrown in too!

I can see that being here off-season will be completely different to the experience once the season starts. I even accidentally withdrew Pounds Sterling from an ATM here! (ATM’s are expensive though).

Too many nice pics here to post them all. I might put together a video of my visit to Amos Amphitheater…. It was really cool. OH Kent or Kenti means city 😉


Busy busy busy! Completed a portrait I started 4 YEARS ago! I am happy with it and so are the subjects luckily!

No new music released recently. Just spending free time running, flying the drone and procrastinating. Little bit of cycling in there too. I think I might look into how to snip procrastination before it sets in!

Started an instagram page :-


So will prob incorporate that into the site somewhere. The focus for this account will probably be just aerial photos of shipping or at least the coast. We will see….


Pretty decent week or two.

The music I made for a youtube video is now live on spotify, itunes etc etc. It’s a fair way from what I’m into. No guitars. No vocals but it was meant to go with a drone video so a bit airy. Also was a sample of a clicking fuel meter throughout which I really liked when I heard it. I’ll see if I can add the link on the music page somewhere.

Also, I have been making 360 photos to put on google maps (I’m obsessed with maps in general) and discovered I can get really good results using the drone too. So I’ll prob put the links in the drone page here.

Other than that, got to swim today in the North Atlantic with over 2000m of sea below me. Lovely. One observation though…. I had my goggles on and was lookng to see what sort of fish might be around. I couldn’t find any! I didn’t look too hard but I thought there would have been more knocking about. Not like ‘reef’ quantities but a wee shoal or group lingering about.

Finished a drone video recently and tonight got it onto the website under the drone tab.

Ended up messing some other bits up along the way though but nothing too drastic.

Next is to put the ‘music’ on Spotify but having issues logging into my distributor at the moment.

Will have to do a proper tune at some point….

Back in Antigua and roaming around!

Good to see everyone is still friendly and the beer is still tasty 🙂

Only….. Wadadli (Antigua’s original name) isn’t brewed in Antigua! I know!!!

Look out for Kevin the hotdog seller for a nice cold one on the street and a Rastaman on the corner DJ’ing for the area 🙂

Going to try and sort out how to blog effectively

Location when it’s not secret 😉

2021 Pitter Pattering

So, finally decided to add a blog but couldn’t find out how to do it the proper way. Decided upon adding an ‘accordion’ item and will just input like that. Still so much I’d like to do on this site but that will come in time.

Today I wrote some lyrics finally for a tune I’m working on. The sun was out and the fingers sore after playing the last couple of nights after a lengthy lay up. Think the strings are a bit rusty OUCH !

Back in sunny Tarragona! What a day to get here as it was the Auld Enemy in the Euro championships. Managed to get a good seat in front of a tv at the Placa de la Font.

Good game to me but it doesn’t feel right celebrating a draw like we had won. Hopefully the fans in London didn’t disgrace themselves!!

Not able to go and explore today but that’s cool as there were a few too many drams consumed last night watching the footy.

Shout out to Mr Ferris who looks like a new person with a haircut and a shave!!

A busy day and a quiet night. Added another story to the site. I called these stories ‘The Corona Diaries’ as I wrote a heap of them during lockdown at work. Kept them very short as any longer and I would lose interest. Imagine what a reader would be like!

Pretty busy day and not much done on the artistic front. Watched a football team get a very soft penalty though!

Wow! Time flies doesn’t it?

Well, Christmas is almost upon us and it REALLY doesn’t feel like it. Location secret for now but it’s not cold and it’s not snowing.

Found out how to ‘mint’ new NFT’s so will try and build a collection with a theme. Done 2 and 3rd proving to be more challenging than the others. A link will be posted once I put them up for auction. Oh I dont know… a few Eth would be nice 😂.


Right stay safe everyone!

2022 Pitter Pattering

Happy New Year to you all! First post of the year! Already been busy with editing videos and getting caught up in crypto madness! So I’ve started creating NFT’s and will post a link here. Only thing is though, to sell any will cost an initial outlay of $350!!! Well, the main thing was the process in getting here. All the best! Crypto Boaby club NFT’s

Cool map I found-